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BUS 219 Week 3 Checkpoint

BUS 219 Week 3 Checkpoint - EBay charges the small fee to a...

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BUS 219 – Week 3 Checkpoint: Online Auction The simplest explanation of EBay is basically an online garage sale. Individuals take their unwanted, unused items lying around the house and sell it on EBay. What was once accomplished through setting up tables in a person’s garage can now be performed online with just a photo and a click of a mouse. EBay is extremely easy to use and offers so many advantages for getting rid of unwanted goods. The average person interested in using EBay just needs to follow some simple instructions found on their website to set up an account. It’s absolutely free to set up an account and there’s no charge for making purchases. If a person wants to sell items then they will only forfeit a small fee once their items sell.
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Unformatted text preview: EBay charges the small fee to a seller for using their services. It’s really an extremely user friendly website. For those interested in selling merchandise whether a person is a small scale or large scale seller, EBay offers many advantages for both types. In recent years there have been a lot of people opening e-tail accounts through EBay because of how simple they are to operate. If I were going to start a business for myself I would absolutely use EBay. Because EBay is the leader in online auction sales I would look to them first. The popularity also helps to get more visibility for a person’s products. Above all it’s the ease of use that makes EBay a viable choice for an e-tail business....
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