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BUS 219_Week 1 Checkpoint

BUS 219_Week 1 Checkpoint - In addition to the people that...

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BUS 219 – Week 1 Checkpoint: Information Systems Department Human Resources and Accounting are two very important departments within a business. Both of these departments perform two separate tasks in a successful business but share some very important resources. Most companies use information system departments (ISD) to perform their daily activities. The use of information systems allows these departments to store and access large amounts of information by multiple users. It also allows people to work more efficiently in one place by allowing them to interface with one central system of information. These advancements allow companies to grow themselves globally and reach out to a talented employee base that might not be located locally to their headquarters.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition to the people that are affected by using information systems, departments can utilize software on their computers that otherwise might not be readily available to certain departments in smaller businesses. As companies adopt better IS systems, it allows departments to work more efficiently and possibly downsize the number of people it takes to perform business tasks. This doesn’t necessarily offer job security for all employees but it does offer better efficiency for the company as a whole. There are also possibilities to have these departments perform their tasks remotely which is an added benefit for the employees. Because of the role ISD play in company’s success they have become one of the most integral parts of a business....
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