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MATH 201 G ROUP D ISCUSSION B OARD I NSTRUCTIONS A ND R UBRIC In Module/Week 2, you will begin working in groups to complete the Group Discussion Board forums. One of the advantages of group work is that you can bounce ideas off of each other and select the best ideas from your group. For these Group Discussion Boards, you have the opportunity to see the efforts and answers of your classmates, and if you feel your initial answer is incorrect based on researching your classmates’ answers, you can select an answer other than your own and receive credit for it. Listed below are the guidelines for the Group Discussion Board forum: 1. Initial Answers (5 points): you must post your initial answers (with an accompanying explanation for each answer) by Friday at 11:59 p.m. (ET). You will be able to change your answers for your final post which is due on Sunday. When you post your original answers, label them as “Initial Answers” in the subject line. Your answer to every question needs to include an explanation.
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Group_DB_Instructions_and_Rubric - MATH 201 GROUP...

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