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Andrew Hudgins-The World of Turtles

Andrew Hudgins-The World of Turtles - THE WORLD OF TURTLES...

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Unformatted text preview: THE WORLD OF TURTLES ON THE GEORGIA COAST Despite the stink I keep on going back to watch the giant turtle on the beach. The sun has not been kind to him and slowly crabs and gulls are pilfering the softening flesh from his carapace. As he is emptied out into the world the shell is stripped to bric-a-brac, and those who walk the beach collecting junk and set it on a shelf beside a fern. But what would I do with a living one flopping around the house and smearing the mg with slime that smells of week-old fish or laying leather eggs beneath the ottoman? The rubbish the waves deposit on the beach . is all we know of the world of turtles. What world do they imagine for us when a careless sailor falls from a ship at sea? Offshore, a storm is grinding its black teeth. Tomorrow when I walk the littered beach the shell and its last scraps of oily flesh will be washed back to sea. I’ll miss my friend. The ocean though is a serious wilderness. The black waves race farther up the beach and start to rock, then lift the turtle shell, made lighter by its time outside its world. - Andrew Hudgins ...
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