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A Human Resource Management Report on British American Tobacco Bangladesh 1.0 Introduction Human Resource Department of an Organization plays a significant role for the entire organization. The duties of HR managers are staffing right number of employee, acquiring their services, and developing their skills through training and motivating them to their high level of performance and try to sustain them in the organization and so on. Basically the HR manager plays an important role in the organization. This position will be responsible for designing and executing broad range of activities in the area of recruitment, training, implementation monitoring and result oriented compensation and benefit in harmony with the company policy and also support line manager in personnel services and industrial relation matter. This term paper is based on the functions of HR manager, recruiting process and training & development process as well. This report will help us to gain knowledge how HR manager recruit employee in the organization and what are the difficulties they have to face and how they come up with the problems. So we think this report will help us to achieve our goal. 1.1 Objective The main objective of this term paper is to review recruiting system Introduced by BAT Bangladesh, the different functions of HRD that strictly followed by BATB and finally the recruiting alternatives that we can say training sand development of the employee of BATB. The term paper will be prepared following the norms and rules of a standard business report. It is an informative work. 1.2 Scope The report will be limited to the information provided by the BAT regarding recruiting system for the Bangladeshi Business Environment. 1.3 Methodology The report is mainly prepared based on interviews. Background information is collected from the information provided by BATB personnel and Internet. 1
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A Human Resource Management Report on British American Tobacco Bangladesh 1.4 Limitations Our main limitation is time, limited viable information, lack of respondent’s concentration about the subject matter and the identity. The accuracy of the term paper is depended upon the availability of the required information from the relevant sources. 2.0 Backgrounds and Information about the Company British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Limited is one of the largest private sector enterprises in Bangladesh, incorporated under the company’s Act 1913 on 2 nd February 1972. BAT has over the decades consistently invested in Bangladesh market through Bangladesh Tobacco Company (BTC). Thus BTC has always been on the business of manufacturing & marketing different brands that meet the standards found everywhere in the world. British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) is a profit generating multinational company that started its Bangladesh operation in 1926. Since then, it has been the market leader in tobacco business in our country. 2.1 British American Tobacco Bangladesh at a Glance
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Report_BAT - A Human Resource Management Report on British...

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