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Unformatted text preview: Montagna Del Pattino Click to edit Master subtitle style Visit Us Today! 8/19/11 Plan Your Stay High Energy Relaxatio n 8/19/11 High Energy Weekend? Mountain Falls hike mmit Clubhouse Summit Clubhouse {D761CE53-BB74-4CA5-9644-1199B6134AE3} {0A1CE637-EB80-4FF0-A049-DE2B04530962} {BD285F08-3423-4B7C-8B26-02AFA4881718} {4B8A3BB4-A2A5-4671-842F-98D745441BB2} Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Saturday evening Friday evening {EA90AA16-EBBF-42D3-AB11-C77F9361CE24} Skiing or snowboarding 8/19/11 Need Some Down Time? Pattino DayVista Club MGallery and shopping e ontagna Spa {77C80248-DA74-4781-894D-1680B1AC8988} {F062C990-AEC1-4057-8DE2-7FF68CF9565F} {8159FCF0-579C-4A89-8BE1-2098A749B5AD} {32909C41-0D2E-47CC-A957-575E6CE9ABA1} Saturday morning Saturday evening Saturday afternoonFriday evening {DCAA652D-EB4F-4DA1-B3F6-52DDBC9B0180} reakfast and gondola ride {37EC0CE5-A6AA-4A51-A834-24311B0BD7EC} Dinner at the Montagna Vista 8/19/11 Contact Information Terry Victor Patricia 555-0987 555-0563 555-0921 Anderson Blardone Reeves {32A8CB66-7F3A-491E-B3D4-ECEE9D772FF2} Reservations {63FB8312-9F18-4FF4-AFE9-7F0A673B4ACC} 555-0547 {A4A44DA1-4637-4E47-877D-7C91B6E7B5CE} {7E2447FC-FF03-41AC-91A2-921C39CDDC2E} Ski Lodge {4B4D00F6-C303-4A20-8B2A-FCCA15EF8435} Tours {A09F7E16-C94A-44B0-95D0-78707D72E67D} Anthony Johnson 8/19/11 Day Spa Montagna Del Pattino Whatever Your Style Come to the Mountain 8/19/11 ...
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  • Spring '10
  • Rivera
  • Saturday, Skiing, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, MONTAGNA DEL PATTINO, Saturday afternoonFriday evening

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