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Studt Tips for Nasiri

Studt Tips for Nasiri - mechanism inside-out and knew all...

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She only tests what she teaches exams are based off her lectures study at least 4 hours per day TAKE GOOD NOTES, make flashcards, and DO THE HOMEWORK Study the Notes and Do End Of Chapter Questions. know every arrow and reagent! learn the mechanisms really really well. Sit in front of the class She uses solvents and reagents from the notes she gives you. The practice exam has questions similar to the midterm but not identical. she LOVES the exceptions I basically went thru her lectures n made sure i understood each n every
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Unformatted text preview: mechanism inside-out and knew all the reactions • she takes problems right off the hw for tests • make sure you know how to do every proble • ALSO, do the questions in the book that she doesnt assign because she sometimes puts them as questions on the midterms. • she repeats important info 2-3 times so you can get it down and those points are usually on her exams. . study notes really well cus even the minor points might be on the test!...
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