Phy7CSSISyllabus - Physics 7C Summer Session I 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 7C Summer Session I 2010 Syllabus Welcome Back to Physics 7! This course is deliberately taught in a way to make it more consistent with what current research reveals about how students learn subjects like science. The lecture is not designed to function as the primary means by which you acquire the course content. Rather, it is to be used to provide focus and to provide a framework for your discussion/lab (DL) experience and the time you spend outside of class. Much of your learning will occur as you participate in various types of activities, experiments and discussions in small groups and as a whole class in DL, and as you carry out the homework assignments (FNTs) between each DL meeting. Lectures Lecture meets Tuesday and Thursday in Roessler 66 from 8:00 - 9:15 am. There will be seven quizzes throughout the session. ( Refer to the Academic Calendar posted on the website for further details) . Instructor David Stancato [email protected] ( When sending me an e-mail, please include “Physics 7C” in the subject line.) Office Hours: Monday 1-2 pm in EPHSCI 2314 Wednesday 3-4 pm in EPHSCI 2314 Discussion/Labs There are seven different DL sections for 7C this session. Each DL meeting lasts two hours and 20 minutes and meets four times per week. If you must miss a DL, you may make it up, provided you can attend another section which is doing the same DL as the one you missed. Note that during the summer, all sections do a given DL on the same day, so if you need to make up a DL, you can only make it up on the same day that you miss your regular DL . You may only attend another DL section a maximum of three times. When making up a DL, be sure to take the DL makeup form (located on the website) to the DL, have the DL Instructor sign it, and then give it to your own DL Instructor at the following DL meeting. Remember, you may make up no more than three DL meetings....
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This note was uploaded on 08/21/2011 for the course PHYS 7c taught by Professor Coleman during the Summer '09 term at UC Davis.

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Phy7CSSISyllabus - Physics 7C Summer Session I 2010...

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