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5/13/10 1 ANT2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology May 13, 2010 Prof. S. Sawyer Connect “Class” with “Culture” Culture: is a shared and negotiated system of meaning informed by knowledge that people learn and put into practice by interpreting experience and generating behavior. “Inner-City Street Culture”: “a complex and conflicted web of beliefs, symbols, modes of interaction, values, and ideologies that have emerged in opposition to people’s exclusion from white mainstream society” (Bourgois 2003: 8-9). • context of US class- and race-based apartheid, “inner-city street culture” is “subculture.” • subculture=group with distinct forms of behavior and beliefs that differentiate them from larger culture. Often defined by oppositional stance to values held by larger culture. subculture cannot exist without its larger context; larger context is constitutive of it. Breakdown of Definition of Culture (be able to give examples of what this looks like from In Search of Respect and Legacy ) 1. Culture= “negotiated system of meaning” Means=broad base of shared (but not necessarily equally agreed-upon) understandings at play. Those that reside within understandings are not puppets; they constantly negotiate (affirm, contest, refine) meaning with themselves and others 2. Systems are “informed by knowledge that people learn” Means=people learn particular ways of knowing and being in the world: they communicate and negotiate a multiplicity of knowledges (ways of knowing how to be a girl/boy, to be a student, to be a worker, to
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ppoint13handout2010 - ANT2 Introduction to Cultural...

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