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5/18/10 1 ANT2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology May 18, 2010 Spring Quarter 2010 • Questions – Is American society as open as we like to think?; Is ladder of social mobility equally accessible to all? – To what extent does inner-city USA testifies to the prevalence of social reproduction rather than social mobility in America? In Search of Respect & The Legacy= • ISofR & L trouble notion that economic and social structure of US is fair. Pierre Bourdieu (French Sociologist, 1930–2002) Structure and agency are inseparable. Structure cannot be thought apart from the actions that create, reinforce, or resist it. Economy, class structure, labor relations, race relations, racial geographies of dwelling & education, family arrangements, gender relations, marriage, etc. Action cannot be thought independently of the social structures that condition it. As such, Social structures are produced and constructed anew because people (although circumscribed by circumstance) continually negotiate what comes to them. • What does belief we live in pure meritocracy do? Bourgois’ ethical agenda: – Focus on contradictions of inner-city poverty in the midst of extraordinary opulence – recognize and dismantle the class-and race-based apartheids that riddle the US landscape.
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5/18/10 2 What is required? creation of truly open society
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ppoint14handout - ANT2 Introduction to Cultural...

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