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Practice Problems - Physics-7A Practice problems Winter...

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Physics-7A Practice problems: Winter 2010 Created by Matt Caulfield, TA, Sections 8, 9. Solutions will be uploaded in a few days. Hopefully working through these problems will be helpful, but do not consider this to be comprehensive. You’re encouraged to study other practice quizzes, old FNT’s, and so on. 1. Match the English phrase with the math statement or symbol. a) Ideal gas at constant temperature b) Rigid box c) No friction or air resistance d) Thermally insulated, or adiabatic e) Open to the atmosphere, or in a container with a free piston f) No phase change g) Thermal equilibrium h) Reversible i) Equilibrium separation j) Well depth 1) P = 0 2) Q = 0 3) ε 4) T 1 = T 2 5) E b = 0 6) W = 0, V = 0 7) S = 0 8) r 0 (= 1.12 σ ) 9) U = 0 10) E mechanical = 0 2. A block of mass m = 80g is initially at point (1), at the top of a ramp of height h = 65cm traveling straight downward with initial speed v 0 = 5m/s. At the bottom of the ramp is a horizontal spring with force constant k = 250N/m. The setup is on Earth . The block slides down the ramp, hits the spring at point (2) and comes to a momentary stop at point (3). It then bounces off the spring, slides back up the ramp, is thrown straight
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Practice Problems - Physics-7A Practice problems Winter...

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