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TopicRevMuscleW11- WordDoc

TopicRevMuscleW11- WordDoc - Understand the effect of...

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NPB101 W11 Topical Review for Muscle Physiology 1. Know the types of muscle and the functions of each. Know the structure of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle fibers and understand why skeletal and cardiac muscle have astriated appearance and smooth muscle does not. Know the organization of the contractile and regulatory proteins, sarcolemma and transverse tubule system, and the sarcoplasmic reticulum in skeletal muscle. What is a sarcomere and understand why it is the force generating unit within a skeletal and cardiac muscle fiber.
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2. Understand the events in neuromuscular transmission. Focus on the neurotransmitter release from the motor neuron and how the neurotransmitter generates the graded, muscle end plate potential. Understand the relationship between a normal end plate potential and the generation of an action potential across the sarcolemma of the muscle cell.
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Unformatted text preview: Understand the effect of current spread into the transverse tubule and the effect of this current on the dihydropyridine receptor (DHP Receptor) and the Ryanodine Receptor (RyR1) on the lateral sacs of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Recognize that the initial activation of the RyR1 receptor opens calcium channels in the lateral sacs initiating release of calcium stores. Understand the concept of calcium induced calcium release (CICR) from Ryanodine channels in the lateral sacs after the initial calcium release by activation of the DHP–RyR1 channel. 3. Understand the sequence of steps in cross-- bridge formation and cross-- bridge cycling in ‐ ‐ skeletal muscle. Understand the role of calcium in unmasking the myosin binding sites of actin and the dual role of ATP in cross-- bridge cycling. ‐...
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TopicRevMuscleW11- WordDoc - Understand the effect of...

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