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Chapter Five Case Study 02 1 In many business situations if an employee is successful at their job and proves to be of value, most of the time managers do not want to get rid of said employee. In Sue Ann Scott’s case, she may have not sought advice from her immediate supervisor for fear of possibly upsetting him or her. Specifically in this case, however, I feel that Ms. Scott felt that her qualifications were so limited that she did not want to take the chance of possibly upsetting her supervisor and be let go only to be replaced by someone who was more skilled. When looking at her self-confidence issues you could also suppose that she may not have been worried about offending her boss but she may have felt that she already knew the answer to her problem. She felt that her lack of education was what was holding her back … not her self-confidence during the interviewing process. Taking advice from the chapter there are multiple was that Sue Ann Scott can help
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