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KVann_Case12.1_022211 - going to quit their jobs When the...

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Case 12.1 1 Some indicators that violent employees might display can include anything from verbal threats, written threats, rough “Rambo-Like” actions (such as flipping off, pounding hands together, gang signs, etc.), physical touching, and/or loud boisterous behavior (such as yelling, continuous cursing, etc.). Due to the fact that these behaviors are so obvious, it really shouldn’t be difficult for management to monitor actions of violent employees. In the case of Waycross versus Lomas in Hamilton, Iowa, the automobile manufacturing plant knew about the violent behavior between the two employees and did absolutely nothing about it. What should of happened includes the following: The employees should have been separated, the initiator should have been written up, and all remaining employees given a verbal warning. The plant managers only told Waycross and Lomas to stop bickering and to get along or to quit. Obviously, most employees are not
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Unformatted text preview: going to quit their jobs. When the bickering continued, the plant managers either needed to fire the employees or the initiating employee and at least put one or both on suspension. Employees always need to report any workplace violence to appropriate managers so that the managers can make the proper decisions about how to handle the situation. Also, many employees forget that if violence is threatened upon them they always have the option of informing the local police or sheriff’s department. When authorities get involved, such as these, most situations don’t rise above a solvable level. Most employees feel that they may lose their job from alienation if they do this, but the likelihood of that happening is slim and if it does happen a lawsuit can always be ensued if the HR department doesn’t fix the situation....
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