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KVann_Case14.2_03012011 - Case Study 14.2 1 Company policy...

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Case Study 14.2 1 Company policy seemed to be the determining factor in this specific case. I feel that was the correct decision on the company’s behalf. Stansky seem to have a variable work record varying from everything such as poor work attendance and a three day suspension only to be topped off by an average work performance. If a company clearly states is policies (like this one did) than arguments about work related violence should not even come in to question about whether or not the employee should be terminated. Just because an employee has people who like him vouch for him does not mean that the incident will just vanish or go away. Stansky improperly put his hands on another coworker and therefore he was terminated. Unprofessional conduct can be defined in a lot of ways. It can be anything from coming to work drunk or raising your voice to an intolerable level with another employee or customer. It is such a wide variety of things and I feel that it depends quite a lot on what the job is for there to be a clearly defined title of what unprofessional conduct would be. For
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