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KVann_Freeorgantrade_01162011 - O rgan Transplants 1 I feel...

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Organ Transplants 1 I feel that the initial point of my argument should consist of the problems entailed with the black market organ trade. According to Ezine Articles there is an underground market for human organs worldwide. Reports have surfaced of Brits willing to sell internal organs to the highest bidder: 60,000 British pounds for a kidney, 20,000 for a liver and 20,000 for a cornea. Even though buying and selling organs is illegal in most countries, there is a thriving, well-known black market. I feel that eliminating the possibilities (or at least limiting them) from the black market and giving it to the free market could add a boost to the economy. The black market has a huge effect on the economy both stateside and across the globe. Thus, this is why I feel it would be advantageous (completely on an economic basis, however) to freely buy and sell human organs. The planet will never be in short supply of the species homo-erectus … therefore the planet will never be in short supply for the need of organs.
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