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Course Paper 1 Changing the Treatment of Our Soldiers Katherine Vann
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Course Paper 2 On January 7, 2007 Lloyd Martin Vann passed away from an overdose at 12:36 am. He committed suicide while on temporary medical leave. Lloyd spent nine years on active duty with the United States Army. Out of those nine years Lloyd spent six over in Iraq and Afghanistan on deployment. He was a staff sergeant in the infantry and led a striker brigade. He saw and did things that most of us could never dream of. He died at the age of 27. Lloyd was my brother-in- law. On October 4, 2009 Samuel Lloyd Vann passed away from an overdose at 11:13 am. Samuel overdosed on several drugs all but one which was prescribed by the United States Army. Samuel served our nation for just over four years on active duty and out of those four years spent just under two of them in deployment over in Iraq. Samuel was my husband. My husband, much like his brother, has almost the same story. After coming back from deployment Samuel was placed on medical leave for possible PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). He came back to Ocala and was home for three days before he committed suicide. Samuel was placed under a Baker-Act hold twice while serving our country for post-traumatic related issues. Instead of the military trying to help … they tried to get rid of him. I am an active duty widow. I feel that this could have been prevented and I’ll tell you why. When soldiers are deployed they are sent back to a medical facility for 72 hours. Over the course of time that they are placed in this facility they go through medical testing, both physical and mental. The purpose of this is to find out if there is anything wrong with soldiers and to debrief them of possible outcomes depending on their prognosis. Soldiers are informed that they
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KVann_Professional Communications Project_02172011 - Course...

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