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KVann_WalMart GDP Economy_02162011 - Wal-Mart Katherine...

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Wal-Mart Katherine Vann 1 There are a couple of ways that I can attack the never ending question of, “Is Wal-Mart good for our economy?” The first angle I am going to take will be the wages provided by this large behemoth of a corporation. Wal-Mart is a job stimulator; I don’t care what anyone says. It provides minimum wage for all starting employees unless you are assigned to work in a specific part of the store such as the deli where they bump up the base pay a dollar or two. Job stimulating companies are economic stimulating companies. The more Wal-Mart that are built the more jobs Wal-Mart offers to the public which in turn lowers the unemployment rate and stimulates local monetary spending. The second way I will attack this question will be that of the prices Wal-Mart offers to its customers. It is true that Wal-Mart puts hundreds of thousands of Mom and Pop stores out of business. However, the way that our nation seems to be leading is towards cheaper, more corporate run stores. Due to the fact that Wal-Mart offers so many jobs it
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KVann_WalMart GDP Economy_02162011 - Wal-Mart Katherine...

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