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Hometown Geo final GLG101 - Hometown Geology My hometown is...

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Hometown Geology My hometown is San Clemente, California. The history of my hometown is very interesting for many reasons. There are many of different types of rock types that are present in the area such as; Pleistocene marine, marine terrace deposits, and even middle Miocene marine. The rocks were first created during the Cenozoic age. The rock units were deformed by several faults, with the closest being the Christiantos fault. The topography of the area around San Clemente is heavily influenced by geology. There are several mountainous regions as well as beaches and rolling hills. I was not able to decide if there were many flood plains in the surrounding area, but I could see some other obvious types of geologic hazards such as large cliffs along the coast. With the information present this was my best educated guess as I was looking at the topographic map. The closest Mountain range is the Santa Anta mountains which are located northwest of the city. The county in which San Clemente resides in is Orange
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