unit7 - ProcessImprovement(PI) Measuring and improving...

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1 Unit 7: Process Improvement, Patient Flow, and Scheduling Process Improvement (PI) • Measuring and improving systems • Systems – Processes • Subprocesses Subprocesses – Tasks • PI tools can be used at any level PDCA Plan : Define the entire process to be improved using process mapping. Collect and analyze appropriate data for each of element of the process. Do : Use process improvement tool(s) to improve the process. Check : Measure the results of the process improvement. Act to hold the gains : If the process improvement results are satisfactory, hold the gains. If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the PDCA cycle. PDCA Graphically 1. Plan your corrective action. 4. Act to maintain it. 2. Do it. 3. Check to make sure it is working properly. Flow • Theory of swift, even flow • Process is more productive as: – Speed of flow increases Variability of process decreases – Variability of process decreases • Example: advanced access – Decreased time from request to appointment (speed) – Decrease in no-shows (variability) Patient Flow • Hospital flow is negatively affected by variability in “scheduled” demand: – Surgical admissions (scheduled) – Medical admissions (emergency) – When surgical admissions have high variability, backlogs and waiting occur • NHS study showed that at 90 percent occupancy, only 60–70 percent of patients were receiving active care.
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2 Actions to Improve Inpatient Flow • Establish uniform discharge time • Write discharge orders in advance • Centralize oversight of census and patient movements (care traffic control) • Change physician rounding times • Coordinate with ancillary departments on critical testing • Coordinate discharge with social services Why Use Process Mapping? • Provides a visual representation that offers an opportunity for process improvement through inspection • Allows for branching in a process • Provides the ability to assign and measure the resources in each task in a process • Is the basis for process modeling via computer simulation software Process Mapping Basics Assemble and train the team.
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unit7 - ProcessImprovement(PI) Measuring and improving...

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