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10/26/2010 1 Kathleen T. Foley, PhD, OTR/L Assistant Professor UAB Department of Occupational Therapy Fall, 2010 1 Objectives to occupation Describe the early influences that created the foundation of the OT profession OT roles to become an OT or OTA; identify options for 2 Occupational Therapy An allied health profession that focuses on maximizing a person’s ability to participate in life independently . People who can benefit from occupational therapy range from the tiniest of newborn infants to senior citizens, and every age in between. Photo: http://www.aota.org/Business/Partner/41738.aspx 3 What is OT? focuses on enabling people to participate An individual's "occupation" is an activity that "occupies" his or her time. For example a child in grade school has the For example, a child in grade school has the occupation of learning; n adult may need to learn how to write after a traumatic injury;asenior may want to continue driving safely in order to stay active in the community. All of these daily life activities are "occupations" and participating in them is vital to maintaining 4 What is Occupation? Occupations ordinary activities selected for lost or limited abilities Goal directedness characterizes OT’s use of occupations Determinant of well being 5 Historical Overview of OT Formalized as a profession in 1917 Roots in mental illness (Moral Treatment Movement 1700 health Revolution 1800 1900’s); using one’s hands to connect Benefits of occupation; holistic treatment approach
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AHS300_overview_OT - Objectives (OT&relationship...

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