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1 Physical Therapy Jennifer Braswell Christy, PT, PhD [email protected] www.uab.edu/pt Physical Therapy History Goal, roles and settings Clinical specialties Emerging areas of practice Levels within the profession Salary Vision 2020 Personality of a PT Career outlook Diversity How to become a physical therapist History of Physical Therapy: 1900 to 1940 Poliomyelitis epidemic & WWI led to need for “reconstruction aids” 1921 : first professional association, called the American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association was formed. End of 1930’s : name was changed to American Physiotherapy Association. Membership increased to 1,000 to include men About 16 education programs in the U.S . (certificate programs-hospital based) History: 1940’s – 1950’s “Physio” (physical) therapists treated soldiers from WWII, Korean War and people with poliomyelitis. 1950’s : PTs now considered professionals rather than technicians practice acts emerged Association changed its name to: American Physical Therapy Association 8,000 members Sections: school and private practice 39 education programs in U.S. (some baccalaureate programs) 1950’s : New methods for individuals with neurological dysfunction 1952 : Salk vaccine History: 1960’s-1970’s 1961 : No more polio due to Salk vaccine 52 education programs By 1979 the APTA mandated that all programs must be at least baccalaureate degree programs 15,000 APTA members Outpatient physical therapy services Cardiopulmonary PT (open heart surgery) Orthopedic PT (joint replacements) Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1975: PL 94-142: Education of All Handicapped Children Act (now IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) 1980’s - present the art and science of PT has grown Currently 66,000 APTA members 69.1% women; 30.9% men Specialty sections Clinical specialty certification Currently, 222 accredited PT programs After 2002, all had to be Master or above 213 of programs offer DPT 9 are Masters level Evidence based practice Direct Access
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2 Physical Therapy: overall goal The goal of any physical therapist is to facilitate independent function and to promote overall health The overall role of a PT is to examine patients with movement dysfunction. Then to determine ways to help them with
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ahs300PT_post - Physical Therapy History Goal, roles and...

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