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Unformatted text preview: Where the Future Clicks! Careers in Health Information . . . place place you right where healthcare meets the cutting edge of technology Future Directions • “We have been through the decade of health IT –health information technology; we have now entered the decade of health IM information management. Alan Dowling, PhD Chief Executive Officer, AHIMA Overview • The Health Information Management Profession • HIM Program at UAB – HIM Program Requirements • Future Directions Health Information Management Careers • Several options that provide opportunities to combine interests in: Clinical Skills Skills Information Technology Systems Leadership / Management • Health Information Management offers… some of the fastest growing th careers in one of the fastest growing industries. •1 Career Options HIM Work Settings • Managed care organizations • Home care providers • Long term care facilities • Hospitals health facilities • Behavioral health facilities agencies • Government agencies • Consulting and law firms • Pharmaceutical companies • Information system vendors • Ambulatory care facilities • Skilled nursing facilities • Rehabilitation centers • Physician practices • Insurance companies • Research institutes Career Options • • • • • • • Privacy Officer Compliance Officer MIS Manager HIM Faculty Health Care Consultant Health Care Consumer Advocate Physician Office Manager Health Information Management professionals are experts in … • Managing patient health information and hybrid medical records • Administering HIM management HIM management information systems • Utilizing encoders to code the diagnoses and procedures for healthcare services provided to patients for reimbursement • • • • • • • Corporate/Administrative Director, HIM Director/Manager, HIM Quality Improvement Coordinator Coding/Terminologies Manager Clinical Data Analyst e-HIM Project Manager Health Information Systems Specialist Health Information Management Professionals Acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. Health Information Management Professional Credentials • Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) • Certified Coding Specialist – Physician-based (CCS-P) • Certified Coding Associate (CCA) • CHPS – Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security • CHDA – Certified Healthcare Data Analyst American Health Information Management Association •2 Health Information Management Professionals • Health Information Administrator (RHIA) – Bachelor’s degree from accredited program – Typically in management level positions requiring interaction with colleagues on the medical, financial and administrative staffs – More than half of the current RHIAs are directors, managers, or consultants, with nearly 31 percent serving as health information management directors. HIM Coding Credentials • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) • Certified Coding Specialist – Physician Based (CCS-P) • Certified Coding Associate (CCA) – Experience-based skill certification – Skilled in classifying medical data from patient records, generally in the hospital setting; review patients' records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure – Possess expertise in the ICD-9-CM coding system and the surgery section within the CPT coding system – Knowledge of medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology required HIM Salaries Health Information Management Professionals • Health Information Technician (RHIT) – Associate degree from accredited program – Focus on technical skills that ensure the on technical skills that ensure the quality of medical records by verifying completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems – employment opportunities exist in any organization that uses patient data or health information Other HIM Credentials • CHDA – Certified Health Data Analyst – Expertise in health data analysis and data validation – Knowledge to acquire, manage, analyze, interpret, and transform data into accurate, consistent, and timely information information • CHPS – Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security – Competence in designing, implementing, and administering comprehensive privacy and security protection programs in all types of healthcare organizations FUTURE PROSPECTS • RHIA credential (Baccalaureate) – Entry level: $30,000 to $50,000 – 5 years: $50,000 to $75,000 • RHIT credential (Associate) – Entry level: $20,000 to $30,000 – 5 Years: $30,000 to $50,000 • Credential + Graduate Degree – $86,728 • One of 20 Hot Job Tracks in U.S. News and World Report • Among the top 12% of all rated professions in Jobs Related Almanac Al • The computerized health record will increase job opportunities in the HIM profession • Competitive salaries •3 HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM The UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM 19721972-2010 CELEBRATING 38 YEARS Offers • Traditional bachelors in HIM • RHIT Progression • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate • One of top 10 HIM programs in the US HIM PROGRAM PREREQUISITES CURRENT CURRENT FACULTY • Kay Clements, MA, CCS, RHIA, Program Director • Robert Garrie, MPA, RHIA Ray MSN RN CCS • Midge Ray, MSN, RN, CCS • Shannon Houser, PhD, RHIA • Patrice Spath, BA, RHIT • Lakesha Kinnerson, MPH, RHIA • COMPLETION OF THE CORE CURRICULUM/PREREQUISITIES • MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GRADE POINT AVERAGE OF 2.6 • MINIMUM GRADE OF C IN CORE COURSES/PREREQUISITIES • ACCEPTED BY UAB • Julia Gorham, MSHA, J.D. PROFESSIONAL COURSES • 62 Semester Hours in BS in Health Sciences Courses and Health Information Management Courses Courses • All AHS and HIM courses offered online except Professional Practice courses Professional Courses • • • • • • • Human Resources Management Clinical Information I & II Introduction to HIM Health Data Concepts Data Concepts Law for Health Care Professions Clinical/Administrative Info Systems ICD-9-CM Coding •4 Professional Courses • • • • • • • Financial Management Epidemiology and Applied Statistics Clinical Experience I and II Clinical Terminologies and Vocabularies Coding and Classification Systems Information Resource Management Clinical Research Methods Professional Program • Use of the Virtual Lab – Athens/Cerner Electronic Health Record – McKesson Horizon Deficiency System – QuadraMed Master Patient Index Suite – Quantim Encoders – 3M Coding and Reimbursement Systems – HealthPort Electronic Document Management System – HealthPort Release of Information System DEGREE COMPLETION • Second baccalaureate degree in HIM for students with previous degree from accredited college • Transfer credit for HIT courses from Accredited RHIT program • 122 Semester hours for completion of the BS degree Professional Courses • Reimbursement/Regulatory Requirements • Clinical Evaluation and Outcomes • Data Management • Issues in Health Information Management • Internship Professional Courses • Clinical I – Virtual Lab + 30 hours hands-on experiences • Clinical II II – Virtual Lab + 30 hours hands-on experiences • Management Internship – 240 hours with hands-on management experiences HIM PROGRAM COMPLETION • Core courses may be completed at UAB or any accredited college are awarded • Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree • Eligible to apply to write the credentialing examination for the RHIA •5 HIM Graduate Track • Began Fall 2010 • Advanced Practice Track within the Masters of Science in Health Informatics HIM HIM Graduate Track MSHI Program •Graduation! •Summer 2 •HIM 680 Applied Project •HIM 681 Seminar/Implementation Strategies for EHR •Spring 2 •HIM 680 Applied Project •HI 630 Strategic Planning & Contracting •Fall 2 •HIM 665 Health Data Analytics for Perf. Improvement Perf. •HI 610 Project Management for Health Svcs. Exec. Svcs. •Summer 1 •HI 615 Decision Support Systems •HIM 650 Research Methods •Spring 1 •HI 601 Databases & Data Modeling •HI 602 Clinical and Administrative Systems •Fall 1 •HIM 615 Development of the Computerized EHR •HIM 618 Legal and Regulatory Environment for the EHR FUTURE DIRECTIONS • Enhancement of Online Courses • Recruitment of Online Students • Revision of Post Baccalaureate Curriculum • Further Integration of Virtual laboratory applications HIM involvement in future trends e-health • Advances in IT are creating exciting opportunities in all types of health care organizations, whether your interest is in managing information, or in managing technology electronic health records decision support systems smart cards artificial intelligence voice recognition technology CONTACT For more information about the Health Information Management Program contact • Kay Clements, Program Director or Susan Packa, Student Advisor • Telephone: (205)975-0809/996-9811 (205)975 • Email: [email protected] or [email protected] • Web Site: www.uab.edu/him • FAX 205/934-5980 • American Health Information Association web site: www.ahima.org Health Informatics Masters of Science in Health Informatics •6 Health Informatics Overview What is Health Informatics • What is it? • What you can do with a career in Health Informatics • Applying to UAB’s MSHI Program “Health Informatics is the formal study of the – Requirements – Curriculum What is Health Informatics? • A clear health informatics strategy helps organizations – improve the quality of patient care and patient outcomes patient outcomes – ensure secure access – Enhance decision making within the organization use of technology to collect, use of technology to collect, manage, exchange, analyze, use and store clinical and administrative information in a health-related setting.” Timing is everything… President Bush’s State of the Union Address President Obama’s State of the Union Address Shortage of 51,000 qualified Health IT workers $19B in healthcare IT-specific funding in the ARRA UaB MSHI Program Alumni Employment – Sample What can you do with a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics? •7 MSHI Alumni Alumni Job Titles – Sample MSHI Alums by Position • • • • • • • • • • Support Analyst – application support Consultant Program & Project Managers Director, Clinical Informatics Information Security Officer Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vice President & CIO Vice President of Technology VP of Operations 9% 9% Executive Management - VP or Higher Middle Management (Director Middle Management (Director, Department Head) 33% Staff Position (Project Manager, Analyst) Healthcare Practitioner 49% Requirements • At least 3 years work experience • Qualifying Score on Graduate School Entrance Exam (considering discontinuing for Fall 2011) Applying to the UAB MSHI Program • 3.0 Minimum GPA • Interview Process – Faculty – Alumni – Current Student Delivery Model • Our program follows the Blended Delivery model – 3-4 days on campus per semester – All other coursework done online – High Tech – High Touch • Cameras for all students • Heavy interaction with professors, who are experts in their subject • Frequent Guest lecturers from Industry Thought Leaders • Site leaders Entering Student Cohort • Average years work experience: 13 • Average age of entering student cohort: 35 • Academic backgrounds: – – – – – – Medicine Nursing Business/Banking Liberal Arts Computer Science Engineering •8 •MSHI Program Course Sequence •Graduation! •Summer 2 •Administrative Internship •Non-Thesis Research Project Non- •Spring 2 •HI 620 Security and Privacy in Healthcare •HI 630 Strategic Planning & Contracting •Fall 2 •HI 605 Communications & Networks •HI 610 Project Management for Health Svcs. Exec. Svcs. •Summer 1 •HI 615 Admin. & Clinical Decision Support Systems •HI 612 Org Behavior and Leadership •Spring 1 •HI 601 Databases & Data Modeling •HI 602 Clinical and Administrative Systems For more information on the MSHI Program Joy Ptacek, Advisor Ptacek, Advisor Health Informatics Program Webb 534 ph 205-934-3509 •Fall 1 •HI 640 Introduction to Health Informatics & Healthcare •HI 600 Analysis & Design of Health Information Systems •9 ...
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