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how education has evolved

how education has evolved - to teach to their own race...

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Running head: HOW EDUCATION HAS EVOLVED 1 how education has evolved Daniel Whitehead University of Phoenix
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How education has evolved Education has evolved over the last 30 years in ways that are unbelievable. In the past it was unheard of that young ladies went to school after the age of 12, it was believed that they were old enough to stay home and take care of the household. The government in the past had no say so in a child’s schooling, but today laws force parents into sending his or her child to school and even set the amount of days a child can miss in a school year. With the standards that are in place to ensure a proper education, it hard to imagine that in the past the teachers were forced
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Unformatted text preview: to teach to their own race, White teachers were not allowed to teach to colored children , and the same went for colored teachers and students. In today’s schools every child has a right to learn and grow the same, no matter the race, size, or what religion he or she may be. Technologies have opened up a new world for the teachers, be it smart boards and computers. In today’s society it is easier for a teacher to communicate with the students and grab his or her attention with the special effects of smart boards, instead of the students just opening up a book and following along with what the teacher is reading or teaching....
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how education has evolved - to teach to their own race...

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