LearningTeamEvaluation+for+math209 WEEK 5

LearningTeamEvaluation+for+math209 WEEK 5 - LEARNING TEAM...

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LEARNING TEAM EVALUATION LEARNING TEAM____A_____ ASSIGNMENT ____MATH 209_______________________ WEEK 5______ USING THE SCALE BELOW, INDIVIDUALLY RATE EACH MEMBER OF YOUR LEARNING TEAM, INCLUDING YOURSELF (PLEASE USE THE COLLABORATION GUIDE ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR A MORE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EACH CATEGORY). 4 = Excellent 3 = Good 2 = Fair 1 = Poor 0 = None Learning Team Evaluatio n Form Team Involvement ( Active and substantively involved in the team discussion) Time Management ( Supported team timeline) Establishing and Following Guidelines ( Helped to define and adhere to the goals, roles, and responsibilities of the team) Professional Communication ( Communicated clearly and professionally) Team Contributions ( What did each team member contribute to the assignment? What value did that contribution add to the completed assignment? ) Collaboration Comments ( Please include any comments describing why each person received the collaboration score that you gave them.) score score score score comments comments Self Score Daniel  Whitehead 4 4 4 4 Everybody pulled together and did a great job in getting their part in on time and communicating with each other to get the job done.
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LearningTeamEvaluation+for+math209 WEEK 5 - LEARNING TEAM...

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