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week 9 grading rubrics

week 9 grading rubrics - Week 9 Final Project Grading...

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Red(High) Yellow(Medium) Blue(Low) No Flag View/P rint Flag Message Mark as unread Assignment: Final Project Objective of Exercise: Complete your 2,000- to 2,400-word final paper. You are asked to evaluate how well an existing, local disease awareness program is meeting the needs of its population, and propose improvements to the program to increase its effectiveness. To do so, you must thoroughly investigate one disease and its possible victims. This provides you with an opportunity to connect multiple concepts presented in the course with real programs that exist within your communities. • Use APA guidelines. • Include references from at least two of the required Web sites listed in the Course Design Guide and four additional sources other than the text. • Post as an attachment in the Assignment tab of the Gradebook. Content and Development Points Possible Points Earned Comments 110 Points Possible The paper is 2,000 to 2,400 words in length.
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