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Free Fall Measurement of Gravitational Acceleration “g” Objective: The objective for this experiment was to measure the value of gravitational acceleration “g” on earth by the free fall method. Experimental Procedures: The procedures for this experiment begin with finding a suitable area from which to drop the objects. This included finding an area between two and three stories high. Special care also needed to be taken so that no one would be walking under the drop area while the experiment was taking place. The actual experiment begins with finding the exact height from which the balls would be dropped. Once this measurement is found the actual dropping can begin. We started by dropping the rubber ball first and recording the time the ball takes to reach the ground after it has been released. This process should be repeated ten times in order to gain a reasonable amount of data. After the data from the first ball was collected we then switched to the wiffle ball and repeated the same steps. Experimental Data or Results:
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