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business innovation - We are proud of our reputation as a...

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“We are proud of our reputation as a world leader in research and development through innovation and renovation” feel good, look good and get more out of life “Inner beauty is an excuse for the ugly” We believe that beauty is not luck, something you are born with. It is something you can acquire" The power of more A leading example of scientific collaboration, the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics (UCMI), is revolutionising the way scientists work. Visionary partnership Set up in 2001, the UCMI is the result of a partnership between Unilever and the Cambridge University department of chemistry. It is now widely acknowledged as a model for how academia (gi i h c vi n) and business can work together more closely to ớ ọ bring benefits for everyone around the world.
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The centre’s fundamental aim is close to Unilever’s heart: that is, to harness (khai thác) the rapidly expanding universe of scientific know-how to bring real vitality benefits to people around the world. To achieve this, its core expertise is in the cutting-edge field of informatics. "In the future, major advancements in science will depend on our ability to handle masses of information from very diverse sources,” says Professor Robert Glen who, as Unilever professor of molecular science informatics, heads the centre. "Informatics, the name we give this process, is enabling us to access and work with much more information of much greater complexity than was imaginable even five years ago." Leading the world Under Professor Glen’s leadership, the centre has achieved international recognition. To date, the UCMI has filed no fewer than nine patents. And in addition to running training courses for people from Unilever and elsewhere, the centre has been responsible for over 170 publications in four years. Visiting lecturers have come from as far afield ( ngoài) as Japan and the US. Ground-breaking work Backed by an investment from Unilever totalling nearly £16m, the UCMI is housed in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building next to the University's chemistry department. Its work covers three ground-breaking areas: The interface (kh p n i) between chemistry and biology
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business innovation - We are proud of our reputation as a...

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