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Unformatted text preview: YOUR CAREER PLAN AND WAYS TO IMPROVE CAREER Everyone should have a career plan. It is an evolving, lifelong process that provides us with the necessary tools to evaluate, select, and even change the career path. My desire is to establish an own company because I am cut out for leading. In this essay, I would like to list some of my plans to improve my career namely effective work, good communication and purposeful leadership To the best of my knowledge, productivity is of utmost importance in fueling the career. This requires me to learn how to make the most efficient use of resources to generate the best results in the least amount of time. Also, at the end of every project, I will capture best practices and lessons learned, creating an invaluable documentation of hits and misses. I do not want to be a one-hit wonder. Instead, I want to keep charting, year after year, with success hits and misses....
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