cheating assists students to learn

cheating assists students to learn - Second, that students...

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Name: Le Nu Hai Yen Date: Class: A2_High Quality_Economics_47 Effective Academic Writing Essay No: 1 Title : Cheating assists students to learn My composition: Body paragraph 1 and 2: First, individuals cheating can not acquire the same knowledge and experiences from courses as their colleagues do. Indeed, hard-working students often spend a lot of time reviewing lessons, brainstorm to solve difficult tasks and take advantage of abundant academic opportunities. They, therefore, learn a lot from the material. In contrast, lazy students depending on others for their grade end up lacking necessary knowledge and skill. Their empty heads may come to haunt them down the road when they are required to apply what they have learned. As a result, their future careers will suffer since they must compete with really competent and experienced people.
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Unformatted text preview: Second, that students cheat is unfair to their fellow classmates who rely on integrity to get good grades. It is said that cheating is like getting something from nothing. It enables students to have better academic outcomes with less studying, which makes people believe that they know more than they actually know. Consequently, cheaters often get higher appreciation from teachers, higher marks and win higher scholarships. Good grades, moreover, allow them to enter top universities, be appointed to high positions and go far in life. This is really unjust to hard-working peers and sometimes discourages them because they think that they receive less than what they really deserve....
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