Cheating to Get a Better Grade

Cheating to Get a Better Grade - Cheating to Get a Better...

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Cheating to Get a Better Grade You can get better grades by cheating. But is it worth it? You may be under pressure to get good grades in school that cause you to consider cheating on your homework and tests. If you cheat but are lucky enough not to get caught, you may get the good grades you seek. However, being caught cheating may also result in being expelled from school. Plus, there are the long-term consequences of not learning and moral decline. It is a decision you must make. Pressure to cheat Parents often pressure their children to get good grades. If their boy or girl doesn't reach a certain level of expectation, the parents may reprimand, punish or ground the student. Therefore, the students may cheat to simply to satisfy their parents’ expectations. Sometimes students neglect to do their homework or to study for a test. Sometimes they are too busy or forgot to do the work. However, more often it is because the students just didn't feel like doing the work. So to avoid doing the work involved and not let anyone know they goofed off, students will copy someone else's homework or test answers. Pros and cons of cheating You may be able to get good grades through cheating, but also you may be caught. Benefits of cheating If you copy the work of others—whether it is plagiarizing material from books or the Internet or copying the homework of another student—it results in not having to work very hard for a passing or even good grade. Cheating is like getting something for nothing. In fact, in some colleges, there are people who sell homework and test answers. They make money and the student gets a good grade with little work. Everyone thinks he or she is happy. Consequences of cheating Being caught cheating on a test or copying someone else's material for homework can result in a lowered grade and even expulsion from school. If you don't get caught, there is still the problem that you haven't learned the material. That ignorance may come to haunt you down the road, when you are required to apply what you've learned.
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In either case, there is also the moral stigma that you subconsciously hold inside of you that you didn't deserve the grade you received and that you are a cheater. Such a person may go far in life, but he or she will never be a champion. Dumb cheater There is a story about how Johnny didn't study for his math test, but he sat right next to Mary, who was the smartest kid in class. He decided to use a mirror so he could see her paper and copy her answers. Unfortunately, he copied all the answers backwards. She got a 94 on the test, but he only got a 49. (The grade was backwards too!) Cheating mother A high school teacher I know said he received a term paper from a female student who had obviously copied material from a book word-for-word. After the teacher failed the student, her mother called and demanded he give her daughter a top grade, so she could go on to a good college. The mother saw nothing wrong with cheating, as long as her
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Cheating to Get a Better Grade - Cheating to Get a Better...

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