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Doe 1 John Doe ECLT 102-3 Essay One, Final Draft Oct. 7, 2003 The Art of Persuasion: Women’s Oppression by Two Feminist Writers Judy Syfers’ essay “I Want A Wife” introduces to an unmarried woman what married life is all about and to raises consciousness of the subordinate role a woman will take after marriage. The intended audience for this text is not academics or scholars. Syfers is more likely focusing on unmarried women, and that is why she published her writing in Ms. Magazine . She accomplishes her purpose by writing about all the tasks and roles of a wife. The second text is “Liberation of Women: Sexual Repression and the Family” by Laurel Limpus. The intended audience for this text is everyone; all women and men. The purpose of her text is to try and get more people to join the Women’s Liberation Movement, which was taking place at that time. Limpus does so by writing about the oppression women went through at that period of time, and she examined all the aspects and reasons as to why women were oppressed. “I Want A Wife” by Judy Syfers is more convincing to its intended audience than “Liberation of Women” because it is humorous , its language is accessible to the reader, and the author has authority as she relates to her personal experience as a wife and mother. Humor is an important tool a writer should use to get and keep the reader’s attention. Syfers successfully achieves this aspect in her writing. She uses irony and a witty, humorous tone to provide comic relief for her audience. Since the text is written to secretaries, students, and single women in general (housewives might also be reading Ms. Magazine ), its humor will catch their attention because of their young age. The students do a lot of studying and the Include your name, course-section, essay- draft, and date. Think of an original title. The thesis statement (your general argument) is usually placed at the end of the introduction. Topic sentences begin each paragraph. Tab the beginning of each paragraph . Journals, magazines, and books are italicized. Articles are set off with quotation marks. Insert a header into your document (go to view>header).
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Doe 2 secretaries are busy with their work. Therefore, Syfers’ text works best for them because they can read it during a short break, and it will provide them with some comic relief. The humor in
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