Western Epansion - Jefferson viewed the West as the means...

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Jefferson viewed the West as the means to preserve the values of an agrarian republic” (Davidson, et. al., 2006). e Crowded cities and rural residents migrated west in search of cheap land. e Land would change the United States into “an empire of Liberty” (Davidson, et. al., 2006). e “Jeffersonian perspective, western expansion was a blessing economically, socially, and politically” (Davidson, et. al., 2006). e Jefferson wished to discover more. To encourage people to go find land in the west, Congress reduced the minimum purchase of land from 640 to 320 acres. In Jefferson’s inaugural address, “the vast spaces provided land that would last for thousands of generations” (Davidson, et. al., 2006). The West was basically Republican’s.The admission of new western states would only strengthen Jefferson’s party. It would also undermine the Federalists. Jefferson had the way to work on this operation, and he did originally as soon as he acquired Louisiana. e France tried to stop western expansion. e Jefferson obtained Louisiana Territory from France. e “Doubled the size of the United States by adding 830,000 square miles.” e Proper control of the Mississippi River. e Western commerce could move down the Mississippi e After another war loss, in 1803, Napoleon needed money so he offered to sell New Orleans and all of Louisiana to the United States. Livingston and Monroe took Napoleon up on his offer and purchase Louisiana for approximately $15 million. West Florida still remained in the hands of the Spanish. Jefferson tried to acquire West Florida but was
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unsuccessful. The Louisiana Purchase would rank as the greatest achievement of Jefferson’s presidency. e
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Western Epansion - Jefferson viewed the West as the means...

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