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Introduction Course introduction Outline: -How to get prepared for the exams -Class rules according to UTS Legislation, Rules & Policies -Subject outline How to get prepared for the exams In both mid-term and final exams at least 70% of the questions will be testing your problem solving skills and require you to come up with the correct numerical answers. Also, almost all assignments and tutorials will be on problem solving. To improve on problem solving you should attend the tutorial sessions and do the assignments. Your understanding of basic principles will also be tested through multiple choice questions. To be able to answer these types of questions you should pay attention to the lectures and make sure you understand the material in your lecture notes and suggested books. Class rules Active participation is strongly encouraged in the class. Also, you are strongly encouraged to come and discuss your questions related to the course content during my office hours. Office hours: Tuesdays 15:00-17:00 UTS Legislation, Rules & Policies The grounds on which students may be excluded: 1. Types of intimidatory threat, including acts of harassment and vilification, as covered by point (n) of non-academic misconduct (refer Rule 5.3 ); 2. Types of offensive behaviour which harass, intimidate or vilify, which may include verbal expression and written material; 3. Being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance if the associated behaviour disrupts the class or in the judgement of the staff member may cause danger to the student or to others; 4. Refusal to cease irrelevant conversation if it is annoying other members of the class and/or the staff member; 5. Disruption of the lecture or classroom activities through persistent excessive noise or inappropriate behaviour which causes serious interruption to the delivery of the learning material or activities, or to other students’ receipt of information or learning experience; 6. Failure to observe environment, health and safety responsibilities; 7. Failure to turn off a mobile phone or any such device after due warning; 8. Misuse of or wilful damage to a facility or equipment; 9. Possession of a dangerous and deadly weapon; 10. Actions including illegal behaviour such as physical assault that pose a serious threat of harm to the student or others. Important Note: Students who failed this course twice before, please come and see me!
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Introduction UTS: ENGINEERING 1 _______________________________________________________ UTS: ENGINEERING 48331: MECHANICS OF SOLIDS SUBJECT OUTLINE Subject Number : 48331 Credit Points : 6 Subject Coordinator : Dr. Emre Erkmen Semester/Year : Autumn 2011 Prerequisites : 48321 Statics 48620 Fundamentals of Mech. Eng. Corequisites
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File Introduction_Course_Outline.pdf - Course introduction...

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