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Unformatted text preview: ASSIGNMENT NO.1-SOLUTION Assignment problem #1 (15 out of 100) A solid circular post ABC supports a load 1 2500 P kN = at the top. A second load 2 P is uniformly distributed around the shelf at B . The diameters of the upper and lower parts of the post are 1.25 AB d m = and 2.25 BC d m = , respectively. (a) Calculate the normal stress AB σ in the upper part of the post. (b) If it is desired that the lower part of the post have the same compressive stress as the upper part, what should be the magnitude of the load 2 P ? Solution (a) Normal stress in part AB ( ) 2 1 2 2500 2040 / 2.04 1.25 4 AB AB P kN kN m MPa A σ π = = = = (b) Load 2 P for equal stress ( ) 2 1 2 2 2 2500 2040 / 2.25 4 BC BC P P kN P kN m A σ π + + = = = 2 5600 P kN = Assignment problem #2 (15 out of 100) A car weighing 130kN when fully loaded is pulled slowly up a steep inclined track by a steel cable. The cable has an effective cross- sectional area of 490mm 2 , and the angle α of the incline is 30 o . Calculate the tensile ....
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File Assignment1_solutions.pdf - ASSIGNMENT NO.1-SOLUTION...

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