Lecture 1 - Unit Overview ACCT1001 Accounting 1A Welcome...

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1 ACCT1001: Accounting 1A Introduction Lecturer: Sharron O’Neill Text reference: Chapter 1, Carlon, Mladenovic-McAlpine, 2 Unit Overview ¾ Welcome ! ¾ Unit of Study (UOS) Outline - please take one ¾ Textbook: ¾ Accounting Building Business Skills (3 rd Ed.) Carlon et al (2009) ¾ Assessment : ¾ In class quizzes: Held at the beginning of each tutorial ¾ Mid-semester exam : Held on Saturday 4 th April – Keep it free! ¾ Assignment : Online practice set – Perdisco E-workbook. Due Wk 12 ¾ Final exam: Held in the exam period. Date, time and location TBA ¾ Consultations: find times and locations on the Blackboard 3 Unit Overview ¾ Blackboard : ¾ Unit outline: Provided on Blackboard ¾ Learning activities : Lectures, tutorials, WileyPlus ¾ Assessment activities : Quizzes, Assignment, Mid-term / Final exams ¾ Discussion board (please use for all questions and comments) ¾ MyGrades: Where you will find your results through the semester ¾ Other resources: Policies, forms, teaching and learning support, links to accounting professional bodies ¾ PASS : Peer mentoring sessions. Separate to ACCT1001 ¾ Link to Blackboard www.econ.usyd.edu.au ¾ Email – do not use, use the discussion board to communicate with staff 4 Unit Overview Strategies for success ¾ Time and Effort ! Expected study commitment: 9 - 10 hours per week ! ¾ Practice, practice, practice ¾ Use the resources available to you ¾ Repeat students ¾ DON’T rely on prior learning ¾ DON’T apply the same learning strategy as last time. Apply the same strategy - get the same result ! 5 Required Conduct ¾ Please adopt a professional approach to your studies. .. ¾ Arrive on time ¾ Do not be disruptive ¾ please turn your phone off , pay attention while the lecturer is speaking, stay in the room for the duration of the lecture – or if you leave in the middle of a lecture then don’t come back until the class stops for a break or finishes) ¾ But… please feel free to participate when it is appropriate to do so ¾ In your assessments, please… ¾ Make sure your work is neat and tidy (legible and self-checked) ¾ Submit only your own work (appropriately referenced), on time ¾ In your communications, please… ¾ Respect the rights and feelings of others ¾ Use a professional writing style (ie no IM style abbreviations) ¾ Join in ! Don’t be afraid to pose questions on the discussion board or to answer the questions of others – it’s a great way to learn! 6
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Lecture 1 - Unit Overview ACCT1001 Accounting 1A Welcome...

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