WEEK 04 (Lecture outline)

WEEK 04 (Lecture outline) - The Malthusian Population Trap...

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DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS ECOS 3002 Second Semester, 2010 Week 4: Population Growth, Migration and Development The basic question: How does population growth affect development or vice versa ? 6 major issues relating to the basic question: (Text, p. 274) A review of the numbers: population growth– past, present A brief history of human population growth (Table 6.1) (Figure 6.1) (Table 6.2) Structure of the world’s population Unevenly distributed by geographic region (Figure 6.2) –Fertility and mortality trends (Table 6.3) –Age structure and dependency burdens The hidden momentum of population growth
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(Figure 6.4) (Figure 6.5) The Demographic Transition in three stages (Figure 6.6) (Figure 6.7) The Causes of High Fertility in Developing Countries: The Malthusian Model
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Unformatted text preview: The Malthusian Population Trap (Figure 6.8) Criticisms of the Malthusian Model (Figure 6.9) The microeconomic household theory of fertility (Equation 6.1) (Figure 6.10) • The Consequences of High Fertility: Some Conflicting Opinions 2 Population growth isn’t a real problem Overpopulation is a deliberately contrived false issue Population growth is a desirable phenomenon Population growth is a real problem The empirical argument: seven negative consequences of population growth • Goals and Objectives: Towards a Consensus Despite the conflicting opinions, there is some common ground • Some Policy Approaches What can developing countries do? (Table 6.4) What can developed countries do? 3...
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WEEK 04 (Lecture outline) - The Malthusian Population Trap...

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