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WEEKS 12 & 13 (Lecture outline)

WEEKS 12 & 13 (Lecture outline) - DEVELOPMENT...

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DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS ECOS 3002 Second Semester, 2010 Weeks 12 & 13: The Environment and Development Economics and the Environment Environmental issues affect, and are affected by, economic development Poverty and ignorance may lead to non-sustainable use of environmental resources Global warming and climate change Environment and Development: The Basic Issues Population, resources, and the environment Poverty and the environment Growth versus the environment Rural development and the environment Urban development and the environment The global environment and economy
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Nature and pace of Greenhouse Gas-induced climate change Natural Resource-based livelihoods as a pathway out of poverty Sustainable development and environment accounting (Equation 10.1) (Equation 10.2) The Extent of Environmental Degradation: An Overview Environmental degradation related consequences on health and productivity Rural Development and Environment: A Tale of Two
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