Is the decision support system being used by airlines to overbook flights working well

Is the decision support system being used by airlines to overbook flights working well

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Is the decision support system being used by airlines to overbook flights working well? Answer from the perspective of the airlines and from the perspective of customers. You have been employed by an airline to determine to what degree the airline should overbook its flights. What information would you want to know? How would you use this information? Analysts use computer modeling to predict how many passengers will fail to show up for a flight. They recommend overbooking based on the numbers generated by the software. The software used by US Airways, for example, analyzes the historical record of no-shows on flights and looks at the rate at every fare level available. What differences would you see between budget and premium airlines? Consider information, processes, policies, etc PROCESS economy class is otherwise called as coach class or travel class. It is characterized by basic accommodation and is commonly preferred by the leisure and the standard-budget travellers. Economy is slightly better than economy in the sense that the seating is arranged better when compared to the
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Unformatted text preview: economy class. There is a greater distance between the rows of seats in the premium economy. The seats also are a bit wider than the seats of the normal economy class. POLICY Economy and premium economy differ in terms of the codes specified for travel too. It is customary on the part of aircrafts to specify codes for the travelers to choose from. Each code refers to a particular kind of class and comfort. It is interesting to note that airlines that provide premium economy class in them have specified certain codes for fares. These codes include S that stands for super comfort, W or E. The premium economy codes are E, H, K, O, U, W, T. On the other hand the codes specified for the economy class include Y and B for full fare, M and H for standard fare and G, K, L, N, O, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X for special or discount fares. These differences are to be known thoroughly before purchasing the tickets....
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