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Books SYMBOL SOURCEBOOK An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols by Henry Dreyfuss McGraw-Hill Book Company . . . . $28.50 Reviewed by David Smith Associate Professor of English In a world on a collision course with itself, certain traditional luxuries are no longer permissible. Old-fashioned ideas of ethnic superiority, colonialism, do- minion are in these times intolerable, if not impossible. But as we work toward encounter, we are faced with the fact that there are nearly six thousand languages and dialects used in the world, making- as Henry Dreyfuss points outÑ6'inter communication among them range from difficult to impossible." But even were that intercommunication possible, most of us are moving too fast to manage it, to read the signs along the way. Our need is not so much for a universal language, that hope of the Esperantists and others, as it is for a basic and universal system of easily recognizable, unmistakable, and readily figured out visual symbols. It is Henry Dreyfuss's aim to promote such a means of communication. Over the years he has been intimately involved in the creation of many of these symbols as a product refinement designer for many of America's leading manufacturers; and now, as the author of the Symbol Source- book-An Authoritative Guide to International Graphic Symbols, he has taken the first step toward making systematically available what Margaret Mead calls the "clear and unambiguous signs which must be developed so that members of any culture can communicate across language barriers." It is not a dic- tionary, which would indicate something like completeness of the system itself, but
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books - Books S YMBOL SOURCEBOOK An Authoritative Guide to...

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