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FIN370 Virtual Organization - Virtual Organization Strategy...

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Virtual Organization Strategy Paper 1 Running Header: VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION STRATEGY Virtual Organization Strategy Paper: Berry’s Bug Blasters FIN/370
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Virtual Organization Strategy Paper 2 Virtual Organization Strategy: Berry’s Bug Blasters Organizations generally have one major goal to achieve and that is growth. Success in any organization must have growth to achieve it. Growth in an organization allows it to promote market share by increasing awareness with consumers. Growth also allows organizations to bring to market new ideas by attracting top people to work for it. Increasing growth and market share by attracting and retaining the best management and employees in an organization leads to financial stability. Achieving growth within an organization is usually accomplished by formulating a strategy. This paper will focus on a strategy that Berry’s Bug Blasters, a virtual organization can use to achieve growth. Three strategies are discussed that Berry’s Bug Blaster can use and the strengths and weaknesses are evaluated on each strategy to determine posing opportunities or threats. Options to Expand Operations IPO Berry's Bug Blasters has three possible paths to choose from if it wishes to expand its operations. The first is an IPO, or initial public offering. The chief opportunity here is to raise funds easily and quickly. A company or organization raises the funds by issuing to the public common shares of stock that represent ownership of it. Issuing common stock through an IPO will allow Berry’s Bug Blaster’s to purchase and finance new equipment easier, allow it to advertise more, and promote the company to potential employees and investors. Other advantages and benefits to issuing an IPO are acceleration and diversifying of equity base, multiple opportunities for financing equity and convertible debt, lower costs on bank loans, higher liquidity for shareholders, exposure, and prestige. An IPO will also help a company facilitate acquisitions.
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