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Chapter 5 Membrane Structure and Function The learning goals listed below are the broad concepts you should understand for this chapter. The learning outcomes list the concepts you should know or the things you should be able to do at the end of this unit. Some of the learning outcomes will be covered in class and the remainder you should achieve through reading, studying, and homework. Learning Goals and Intended Outcomes Learning Goal Learning Outcome(s) 1. Understand the relationship between cell membrane structure and function. 1. Define key terms. (p.95 of text) 2. List the functions of the cell membrane. 3. Describe the position and function of the phospholipids, proteins, and cholesterol molecules in a cell membrane
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Understand how substances move across membranes. 1. Explain concentration gradients. 2. Describe the process of diffusion. 3. Distinguish between active and passive transport across membranes. 4. Describe each type of passive and active transport listed in Table 5-1. 5. Explain tonicity and how osmosis of water is influenced by solute concentration. 3. Understand surface area/volume ratios and the impact on cell size. 1. Explain how volume and surface area change as a sphere enlarges and what happens to the surface area/volume ratio. 4. Know the types of junctions between cells in multicellular organisms. 1. List the types of cell junctions for plants and animals and their functions....
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