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EEE G545 Control & Instrumentation of Power Electronic Systems Comprehensive Examination, 2008 Marks: 40 (Open Book) Time: 3 hours ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. A DC-DC buck converter with the circuit modelled completely with switch ON state resistance r S , diode ON state drop V D and resistance r D , inductance L and with stray resistance r L , output capacitor C , and load resistance R o , has a small perturbation state equation given by d dt ± i L ± v c = [ Dr S (1 D ) r D r L ]/ L 1/ L 1/ C 1/( R o C ) ± i L ± v c + D / L [ r S + r D ] i L / L + [ V in + V D ]/ L 00 ± V in ± D (This is similar to the derivation of equation (16.40) of the text, starting from the circuit of Fig. 16.4, except that the resistance in series with the output capacitor has been assumed to be zero.) Considering the entire range of duty cycle D and load resistance R o , what are the extreme possible locations of open-loop poles for the setup? ....(10) 2. A certain three phase, switch-mode inverter is to be operated from a DC link of voltage V d using pseudovector control of a certain frequency. If the output AC rms is to be some
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