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EEE_G545_91_C_2008_2 - EEE G545/09/Compre EEE G545 Control...

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EEE G545 Control & Instrumentation of Power Electronic Systems Comprehensive Examination, 2009 Marks: 40 (Open Book) Time: 3 hours Students are expected to answer each question in a precise, to-the-point manner, with a clear understanding of each problem. Ambiguous or needlessly lengthy answers are likely to be discredited. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. A three-phase, switch mode inverter is to be closed-loop controlled by pseudovectors so as to realise an output of balanced three phase currents of magnitude I ref . By suitable matrix operations, set up the geometric switching surface that would form the basis for control. .... (10) 2. A buck-boost DC-DC converter operates from a source of voltage
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