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Procedure for Determination of Connected Load 1. Bulb/Fan -- Actual rating or 60 Watt each, if it is not possible to Read the rating on the bulb/Fan. 2. Tube Light -- Actual rating or 40 Watt each 3. Light Plug -- 60 Watt up to three plugs and extra 60 Watts for every three plugs or less. 4. Television (a) Colour (b) Black & White -- 100 Watt. 60 Watt. 5. Power Plug -- 500 Watt up to three plugs and extra 500 Watts for every three plugs or less. 6. Fridge -- 250 Watt. 7. Dessert Cooler -- 250 Watt. 8. Geyser -- 1500 Watt. 9. Air-Conditioner 1/1.5 Ton -- 1500 Watt / 2200 Watt 10. Water lifting pump -- 180 Watt. Or 360 Watt (According to Pump)
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Unformatted text preview: or according to the equipment’s original rating (Name plate & Specification) Note – (1) If any equipment is connected with plug point equipment’s load or plug point rating whichever is maximum shall be taken. In such case, load of plug point shall not be counted separately. (2) For commercial light & fan consumer load of every bulb shall be taken as 100 Watt. (3) The load for Arc/induction furnace shall be worked out on the basis of 600 KVA per ton of the capacity of the furnace. (4) The higher rating of only one equipment shall be considered if both geyser and Air-conditioner (without heater) are installed....
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