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LM2524D/LM3524D Regulating Pulse Width Modulator General Description The LM3524D family is an improved version of the industry standard LM3524. It has improved specifications and addi- tional features yet is pin for pin compatible with existing 3524 families. New features reduce the need for additional exter- nal circuitry often required in the original version. The LM3524D has a ±1% precision 5V reference. The cur- rent carrying capability of the output drive transistors has been raised to 200 mA while reducing V CEsat and increasing V CE breakdown to 60V. The common mode voltage range of the error-amp has been raised to 5.5V to eliminate the need for a resistive divider from the 5V reference. In the LM3524D the circuit bias line has been isolated from the shut-down pin. This prevents the oscillator pulse ampli- tude and frequency from being disturbed by shut-down. Also at high frequencies ( 2245 300 kHz) the max. duty cycle per out- put has been improved to 44% compared to 35% max. duty cycle in other 3524s. In addition, the LM3524D can now be synchronized exter- nally, through pin 3. Also a latch has been added to insure one pulse per period even in noisy environments. The LM3524D includes double pulse suppression logic that in- sures when a shut-down condition is removed the state of the T-flip-flop will change only after the first clock pulse has arrived. This feature prevents the same output from being pulsed twice in a row, thus reducing the possibility of core saturation in push-pull designs. Features n Fully interchangeable with standard LM3524 family n ±1% precision 5V reference with thermal shut-down n Output current to 200 mA DC n 60V output capability n Wide common mode input range for error-amp n One pulse per period (noise suppression) n Improved max. duty cycle at high frequencies n Double pulse suppression n Synchronize through pin 3 Block Diagram DS008650-1 June 1999 LM2524D/LM3524D Regulating Pulse Width Modulator © 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS008650 www.national.com
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Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 5) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage 40V Collector Supply Voltage (LM2524D) 55V (LM3524D) 40V Output Current DC (each) 200 mA Oscillator Charging Current (Pin 7) 5 mA Internal Power Dissipation 1W Operating Junction Temperature Range (Note 2) LM2524D -40˚C to +125˚C LM3524D 0˚C to +125˚C Maximum Junction Temperature 150˚ Storage Temperature Range -65˚C to +150˚C Lead Temperature (Soldering 4 sec.) M, N Pkg. 260˚C Electrical Characteristics (Note 1) LM2524D LM3524D Symbol Parameter Conditions Tested Design Tested Design Units Typ Limit Limit Typ Limit Limit (Note 3) (Note 4) (Note 3) (Note 4) REFERENCE SECTION V REF Output Voltage 5 4.85 4.80 5 4.75 V Min 5.15 5.20 5.25 V Max V RLine Line Regulation V IN = 8V to 40V 10 15 30 10 25 50 mV Max V RLoad Load Regulation I L =0mAto20mA 10 15 25 10 25 50 mV Max Ripple Rejection f = 120 Hz 66 66 dB I OS Short Circuit V REF = 0 25 25 mA Min Current 50 50 180 200 mA Max N O Output Noise 10 Hz f 10 kHz 40 100 40 100 μV rms Max Long Term T A = 125˚C 20 20
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LM3524_IC-ON-LINE.CN - LM2524D/LM3524D Regulating Pulse...

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