SG3525A - S G2525A SG3525A . . . . . . . . . . REGULATING...

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SG2525A SG3525A REGULATING PULSE WIDTH MODULATORS . 8 TO 35 V OPERATION . 5.1 V REFERENCE TRIMMED TO ± 1 % . 100 Hz TO 500 KHz OSCILLATOR RANGE . SEPARATE OSCILLATOR SYNC TERMINAL . ADJUSTABLE DEADTIME CONTROL . INTERNAL SOFT-START . PULSE-BY-PULSE SHUTDOWN . INPUT UNDERVOLTAGE LOCKOUT WITH HYSTERESIS . LATCHING PWM TO PREVENT MULTIPLE PULSES . DUAL SOURCE/SINK OUTPUT DRIVERS DESCRIPTION The SG3525A series of pulse width modulator inte- grated circuits are designed to offer improved per- formance and lowered external parts count when used in designing all types of switching power sup- plies. The on-chip + 5.1 V reference is trimmed to ± 1 % and the input common-mode range of the error amplifier includes the reference voltage eliminating external resistors. A sync input to the oscillator al- lows multiple units to be slaved or a single unit to be synchronized to an external system clock. A single resistor between the C T and the discharge terminals provide a wide range of dead time ad- justment. These devices also feature built-in soft-start circuitry with only an external timing capacitor required. A shutdown terminal controls both the soft-start circu- ity and the output stages, providing instantaneous turn off through the PWM latch with pulsed shut- down, as well as soft-start recycle with longer shut- down commands. These functions are also control- led by an undervoltage lockout which keeps the out- puts off and the soft-start capacitor discharged for sub-normal input voltages. This lockout circuitry in- cludes approximately 500 mV of hysteresis for jitter- free operation. Another feature of these PWM cir- cuits is a latch following the comparator. Once a PWM pulses has been terminated for any reason, the outputs will remain off for the duration of the pe- riod. The latch is reset with each clock pulse. The output stages are totem-pole designs capable of sourcing or sinking in excess of 200 mA. The SG3525A output stage features NOR logic, giving a LOW output for an OFF state. DIP16 16(Narrow) Type Plastic DIP SO16 SG2525A SG2525AN SG2525AP SG3525A SG3525AN SG3525AP PIN CONNECTIONS AND ORDERING NUMBERS (top view) ® June 2000 1/12
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ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit V i Supply Voltage 40 V V C Collector Supply Voltage 40 V I OSC Oscillator Charging Current 5 mA I o Output Current, Source or Sink 500 mA I R Reference Output Current 50 mA I T Current through C T Terminal Logic Inputs Analog Inputs 5 – 0.3 to + 5.5 – 0.3 to V i mA V V P tot Total Power Dissipation at T amb = 70 ° C 1000 mW T j Junction Temperature Range – 55 to 150 ° C T stg Storage Temperature Range – 65 to 150 ° C T op Operating Ambient Temperature : SG2525A SG3525A – 25 to 85 0 to 70 ° C ° C THERMAL DATA Symbol
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SG3525A - S G2525A SG3525A . . . . . . . . . . REGULATING...

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