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require the sdcs amc dc 2 board different sdcs amc 2

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Unformatted text preview: xD X2 CH 2 PE D400 Power supply TxD Remark: Fieldbus modules Nxxx (CH0) require the SDCS-AMC-DC Classic 2 board - all others (FCI, AC80...) require the SDCS-AMC-DC 2 board. Different SDCS-AMC 2 boards are available to adapt optical cables, cable length and serial interfaces. The different SDCS-AMC 2 boards are equipped with 10 or 5 Mbaud optical transmitter and receiver devices. A few basic rules must be considered: • Never connect 5 Mbaud and 10 Mbaud devices. • 5 Mbaud can handle only plastic fibre optic. • 10 Mbaud can handle plastic or HCS cable. • The branching unit NDBU 95 extends the maximum distance. • The maximum distance and suitable configuration can be found in the manual Configuration Instructions NDBU 85/95; Doc no.: 3ADW000100. to the PLC SDCS-AMC-DC 2 SDCS-AMC-DC Classic 2 There are various serial interface options available for operation, commissioning, diagnosis and controlling. For the control and display panel CDP 312 are serial connections X33:/X34: on the SDCS-CON-2 available. Three additional serial interfaces are available on the SDCS-AMC-DC 2 board. These interfaces use plastic or HCS optical fibres. Channel 3 is used for drive/PC interfacing. Channel 0 for fieldbus module interfacing or communication to the overriding control system. Channel 2 is used for Master-Follower link or for I/O extension. All three serial interfaces are independent from each other. X16: FCI AC80 X33: X34: electrical connection optical fibre ≤3m PC AC800M Interface - Master-Follower link Control Operation Fig. 2.5/5: Options for serial communication Operation by panel Panel location There are different possibilities for mounting the panel: • On the converter module. • With MultiDrive door mounting kit. LED Monitoring Display If the MultiDrive door Mounting kit is used it is possible to insert up to three LED monitoring displays for indicating status as run, ready and fault and a selectable parameter indicator (0...150%) per drive. The display is connected to the SDCS-CON-2 board (X33:/X34:) or to the panel socket NDPI through a universal Modbus link. 1 R D Y R U N F L T 0 50 100 150 Fig. 2.5/6: LED Monitoring Display SDCS-CON-2 X33:/ X34: R D Y R U N F L T 0 CDP 312 SDCS-CON-2 NLMD 100 150 NLMD 100 150 50 NDPI 1 X33:/ X34: 1 R D Y R U N F L T 0 50 Fig. 2.5/7: Connection of the LED Monitoring Display II F 2-13 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Dcs6_com1b.dsf Panel (control and display panel) Features The CDP 312 control and display panel communicates with the power converter via a serial connection in accordance with the RS 485 standard at a transmission rate of 9.6 kBaud. It is an option for the converter unit. After completion of commissioning, the panel is not necessarily required for diagnostic. The basic unit has a 7-segment display indicating errors. • 16 membrane pushbuttons in three function groups • LCD display has four lines with 20 characters each • Language: English • Options for the CDP 312: – cable, separated from the power converter for utilization; 3 m long –...
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