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Unformatted text preview: 6.19 I ACT SEL V ACT SEL 46.20 V ACT CAL 46.16 ARM L 1.28 EMF Calc. EMF ACT FILT TC 46.06 OPER MODE SELECT (15.16) = 5 Diagram for 1.17 RL EMF VOLT ACT SELECTED BRIDGE 1.19 FIRE UNIT Armature Current Measurem. FIRING ANGLE 3.13 20.14 MAX FIRING ANGLE MIN FIRING ANGLE 20.15 LL HL ALPHA_MAX Calc. LOAD CUR ACT FILT actual voltage selection DISCONT CUR LIMIT LOAD CUR ACT 43.06 ARM CUR IP I-GAIN ARM CUR IP P-GAIN 43.03 ARM CUR PI P-GAIN ARM CUR PI I-GAIN 43.02 CONTROL TYPE SEL PI-IP CURRENT CONTROLLER 4096 == Load nominal current 3.12 CUR REF 3 (EXCITATION: 15.16 = 5) INDUCTIVE LOAD CURRENT CONTROL CUR REF 2 - CUR REF 1 := LOCAL REF 3, if local mode and REF SEL (43.15) < 3 - CUR REF 1 := LOCAL CUR REF (43.19), if local mode and REF SEL (43.15) >= 3 dcs_600\docu\fig_3b_a.dsf MOTOR NOM 99.03 CURRENT MOTOR NOM 99.02 VOLTAGE 1.16 1.15 1.12 1.11 CONV NOM CURR 4.13 Converter Current Measurem. Mains Voltage Measurem. 42.06 U_SUPPLY CONV CUR ACT RL CONV CUR ACT MAINS VOLT ACT RL MAINS VOLT ACT Control and Status Words In remote mode, the drive is controlled by the main control word and the auxiliary control words. The drive’s status is read from the main status word and the auxiliary status word. Auxiliary Control Word (7.02) Main Control Word (7.01) Bit Name Bit Function Name Function RESTART_DLOG Restar t of data logger (not available) 0 ON (OFF1_N) star t fans, field and close main contactor 0 1 OFF2_N coast stop 1 TRIG_LOGGER Data logger triggering RAMP_BYPASS Speed ramp is bypassed 2 OFF3_N reser ved for emergency stop 2 3 RUN run with selected reference 3 BAL_RAMP_OUT Forcing of ramp output 4 RAMP_OUT_ZERO Speed ramp output is forced to zero 4 DYN_BRAKE_ON_APC activate dynamic braking 5 RAMP_HOLD Speed ramping is stopped 5 reserved (reserved) 6 RAMP_IN_ZERO Speed ramp input is forced to zero 6 HOLD_NCONT Holding of the speed controller’s integrator WINDOW_CTRL Window control activated RESET acknowledge a fault indication 7 7 BAL_NCONT 8 INCHING_1 Constant speed 1 (23.2) selected Forcing of speed controller’s output 9 INCHING_2 Constant speed 2 (23.3) selected 10 VALID_COMMAND 0: Freeze main control word 1: Main control word is valid 11 reser ved reser ved (reser ved) 13 reser ved (reser ved) 9 SYNC_COMMAND synchronising command 10 SYNC_DISABLE synchronising is disabled 11 RESET_SYNC_RDY reset synchronised ready 12 RAMPED_INCH_REF 13 DIG_OUT4 (14.11) (reser ved) 12 8 14 reser ved (reser ved) 15 reser ved (reser ved) Table 3.8/1: Main Control Word Switch speed ramp input to RAMPED INCH REF (23.12) digital output 4 14 DIG_OUT5 (14.14) digital output 5 15 DIG_OUT6 (14.17) digital output 6 Table 3.8/2: Auxiliary Control Word Auxiliary Control Word 2 (7.03) Bit Name Function 0 DIG_OUT_7 digital output 7 1 DIG_OUT_8 digital output 8 2 DIG_OUT_1 FANS ON CMD 3 DIG_OUT_2 FIELD ON CMD 4 DIG_OUT_3 MAIN CONT ON CMD 5..7 reser ved (reserved) 8 DRIVE_DIR 0: drive direction positive 1: drive direction negative see note 1 9 SPEED_EXT 0: torque reference according to min/max evaluation in torque selector...
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