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En 61000 6 4 specialised basic standard for emissions

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Unformatted text preview: n light industry can be satisfied with special features (mains filters, screened power cables) in the lower rating range *(EN 50081-1). EN 61000-6-4 Speed basic standard for emissions in industry *(EN 50081-2) Product Standard EN 61800-3 EMC standard for drive systems (PowerDriveSystem), interference immunity and emissions in residential areas, enterprise zones with light industry and in industrial facilities. For interference immunity, the following apply: EN 61000-6-1 Speed basic standard for interference immunity in residential areas *(EN 50082-1) EN 61000-6-2 Speed basic standard for interference immunity in industry. If this standard is satisfied, then the EN 61000-6-1 standard is automatically satisfied as well *(EN 50082-2). This standard must be complied with in the EU for satisfying the EMC requirements for systems and machines! * The generic standards are given in brackets Standards The following overview utilises the terminology EN 61000-6-3 and indicates the action required in accordance EN 61000-6-4 with Product Standard EN 61800-3 EN 61000-6-2 For the DCS 500B series, EN 61000-6-1 the limit values for emitted interference are complied with, provided the action indicated is carried out. This action is based on the term Restricted Distribution used in the standard (meaning a sales channel in which the products concerned can be placed in the stream of commerce only by suppliers, customers or users which individually or jointly possess technical EMC expertise). Second environment (industry) with restricted distribution EN 61800-3 Not applicable satisfied on customer's request satisfied satisfied Medium-voltage network Medium-voltage network Supply transformer for a residential area (rating normally ≤ 1.2 MVA) Industrial zone Converter transformer with earthed Industrial zone Converter transformer Earthed neutral Converter Converter Converter alternative alternative For power converters without additional components, the following warning applies: This is a product with restricted distribution under IEC 61800-3. This product may cause radio interference in residential areas; in this case, it may be necessary for the operator to take appropriate action (see adjacent diagrams). Converter alternative Line reactor alternative Line reactor I > 400 A and/or U > 500 V To other loads, e.g. drive systems Case-referenced EMC analysis To other loads, e.g. drive systems Mains filter Line reactor + Y-capacitor iron core (and earthed screen where appropriate) Earthed 400-V network with neutral conductor; 3~ ≤ 400 A Classification M M M M Operation at low-voltage network together with other loads of all kinds, apart from some kinds of sensitive communication equipment. M M M M Operation with separate power converter transformer. If there are other loads at the same secondary winding, these must be able to cope with the commutation gaps caused by the power converter. In some cases, commutating reactors will be required. The field supply is not depicted in this overv...
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